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About Moving
Moving bidding platform
· Data of 260 regions and vendors.
· Recommend highly-ranked vendors automatically.
· More than 2 quotes within 24hours.
· Reduce 15% of international moving cost by bidding.
Schedule guide service of real time.
· Quotation, packing, and Air/Ocean schedule.
· SMS/email schedule guide.
· Fast schedule adjust possible of real time.
· Easy schedule checking through mobile.
Service quality management
· Partnership grade management through regular on-site inspection.
· Strict service management (Three out system = Weed out if more then 3 times of claims happen).
· Satisfaction management through on-site checking and happy calls.
· Satisfaction achieved 97% recent 5 years.
Convenient of compensation registration and consultation
· Consult with insurance company about compensation and guide of insurance coverage.
· After compensation agreement, manage of expense.
· Fast registration by taking pictures of damage and lost items at spot.
· Insurance can only be joined using international moving